James Griffith

Research Associate, Claremont Evaluation Center

IRB Analyst, Claremont Graduate University

James Griffith is a recovering sophoholic and chronic methodologist with a dual Ph.D/M.A. in Philosophy and Evaluation and Applied Research Methods. He is currently a Research Associate for the Claremont Evaluation Center and an IRB Analyst for the Claremont Graduate University. He has worked on a variety of evaluations, including programs designed to promote success in STEM education for minorities, a community needs assessment for a center serving persons with disabilities, and a multi-site evaluation of online tool use in graduate education.

James’ research interests in the nature of validity and of evidence in a variety of contexts, including the dependence of validity on cultural and contextual responsiveness, are reflected in his work on New Directions for Evaluation 142: Revisiting Truth, Beauty, and Justice: Evaluating with Validity in the 21st Century. He also has interests in the logic, science, and disciplinary nature of evaluation. James practices and advocates mixed method designs and a responsive, contextually sensitive approach to evaluation. He still struggles with recurring philosophical reflection, but is managing it through application to real world puzzles.

Contact Information
Mailing AddressClaremont Graduate University, 150 E 10th Street, Claremont, CA 91711